Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One hockey night, grassland 3, and more

Life has been busy!

First, a note about One Hockey Night. I've seen the paintings now and they are brilliant. Brian Deines has done a fabulous job once again.

Grassland 3, Beyond the Mask comes out in September. I can hardly wait. I plan to do a book launch in Portland to celebrate.

I'm continuing to write an historical novel (WWI flying ace) and work on a new novel that takes place on Lindisfarne, Holy Island, North Umberland, England.

thanks for all your good wishes!


  1. Hey Dave,

    Glad to see that you have a blog, but you do need to post more often. I know, I know, a young fellow with a wife and three young ones plus a job. Never really figured out how you find the time to write.

    What are you doing in Portland?

    For research on your North Umberland novel you can not go wrong in reading Bernard Cornwell's Saxon series:

    See Amazon.


  2. Hi Mike

    i've wondered where you have been! There is a teacher here who reminds me of you. Our daughter's teacher.

    Some good news which I will post on the main shortly. Sorry for the delay. Yes, Bernard Cornwall...so true. I did pick one up and will follow it through.

    so glad you checked out the site. I'll email off line.